You are already registered on Gaminator, but can’t login anymore? One of the points below may be the reason for this:

  1. Five login attempts have already failed. If you’ve entered wrong credentials (e.g.: a different nickname or mistyped password) at every single one of those attempts, then your account has been locked for an hour. This is a safety measure which prevents non-authorized people from accessing your account.
How can you solve this problem?
Simply wait for an hour until the lockdown has been lifted automatically. Afterwards, please login with the correct credentials.
  1. You have forgotten your password.
How can you solve this problem?
Please request a new password. Beneath the login area there’s a link which reads “Forgot your password?”. Please click on it in order to reset your password and create a new one.
  1. You have forgotten nickname and your password both.
How can you solve this problem?
Our support will be glad to help you out. Please contact our support-team via