If you’ve landed a winning combination in one of our slots, you’ll be offered the option to „Gamble“. This means that you can bet your round win again and, with a winning chance of 1:1, double the amount. If you lose while gambling, you also lose your current round win.

Gambling can vary between slot machines:

„Gamble“-button – the most common variation among our slot machines: This button appears as soon as you’ve won. Clicking it will start the gamble-game. If you do not want to gamble, simply click „Collect“.

Gamble-symbols heart and clubs: In some of our games, located beneath the slot machine, two symbols can be seen: heart and clubs. These will activate as soon as you’ve won. If the rules of the game allow you to gamble at that time, those symbols will blink alternately. As soon as you click on either of the symbols, you’ll be betting your round win again in the gamble game.