After you’ve opened a game, there are several settings which you can adjust as you wish:
  • Via „Bet“ or „Bet/Line“ you can set your bet per line of choice. These values can also be changed in either direction with the arrow keys. Please be aware: The values can only be adjusted within the respective game’s given minimum-/maximum-bet amount.
  • „Lines“ allow for the same manner of adjustments to the number of lines in the game. Some games permit that the number of lines can be adjusted in small increments (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.), others can only switch the total number of lines in bigger steps (e.g. 5, 10 oder 15 Linien). If a game features a fixed amount of lines, changing it is impossible.
  • „Paytable“ will lead you to the paytable – a complete overview of the game’s rules, features, etc.. Your bet determines the win amounts shown in the paytable – adjusting it will also change the values there.
  • The Menu-Symbols in the upper right corner of the game will let you adjust music and sound settings, open up the help section or leave the game.


„Start“ will let you spin the reels and initiate single rounds, while „Autostart“ will trigger rounds of play automatically. „Stop“ ends the automatic play again.