Slot machines, slots or “one-armed bandits” (as they are affectionately called) are classic gaming machines. They normally consist of several reels on which different symbols are arranged. Those reels are almost always criss-crossed by winlines to form what is known as the slot’s winning pattern. Many slots allow you to adjust the quantity of active winlines as you like. The total amount you’re betting will vary accordingly, depending on the adjustments which you’ve made.

A single round of gaming is called a „spin“. You stake your bet, spin the reels via the “Start” button and wait until they come to a rest again. If and how much you’ve won depends on the positions which the slot’s symbols now occupy.

If similar symbols fall into position in the correct order – so that they follow one or more winlines (oftentimes, the first symbol of the combination needs to be on the correct reel and the symbols themselves adjoined correctly) – you win.

Important: Not all slot machine feature winlines. Some of them – “AllPay”-slots for example – do not adhere to any concrete winline-system and therefore offer other chances to win. However, every slot comes with a paytable where all the how-to’s of winning are explained in detail, alongside all other relevant information.

What are Joker- and Wild-symbols, or Substitutes?

Normally, all symbols of a slot must follow specific rules in order to form a winning combination. Joker- and Wild-symbols, or rather Substitutes are the exception to that rule, seeing as how they can fill in for most other symbols and – in their role as joker – act as substitutes for winning combinations.

What are Scatter-symbols?

A win via Scatter-symbols is achieved once the needed minimum amount of Scatter-symbols is displayed on the reels. Ordinarily, Scatter-symbols are not required to follow a winline or appear directly next to one another in order for them to win – as long as there is minimum amount of them present on the reels, a win is achieved. Moreover, bonus or free games can be triggered by certain scatter combinations.

What’s a bonus or free game, or a bonus-feature or feature-game?

If you win a bonus or free game, you’ll be able to play a certain amount of rounds for free – you can spin the reels without having to bet anything. Bonus games often offer increased chances to win by way of multipliers which are exclusive to the bonus rounds.

Feature games or bonus games can have many different gameplay-elements. While you’re playing those bonus rounds, you can also earn more free games with special winning chances without having to bet anything. More information on which bonus opportunities are offered by our games can be found in the help text of the respective game or directly within the game via “Paytable”.