Get rewarded for your loyalty at SuperGaminator.

Our Loyalty Club has five experience levels on offer - each has its own particular merits.

You get points with the SuperGaminator bonus program for what you love doing the most: playing. You collect points as soon as you start playing on SuperGaminator. And along with your points, your status and benefits also increase: An attractive bonus awaits you from month to month with each status.

The SuperGaminator Membership Levels

Bronze Status:

Your entry-level into the SuperGaminator world of games. Deposit money to your account and play your first game as a money player!

Silver Status:

As a Silver member you will receive a monthly bonus of three Euros booked directly to your SuperGaminator account.

Gold Status:

You can look forward to a monthly bonus of seven Euros as a gold member. Also collecting points is fun: You earn points even faster.

Platinum Status:

It really pays off being a platinum member: You will receive a 20 Euros bonus credited to your SuperGaminator account every month. In addition, you will now earn points twice as fast as bronze members.

Diamond Status:

As a Diamond member you belong to the best of the best. We reward you therefore with a 100 Euros bonus monthly! And of course these is immediate processing and the fastest transfer of your winnings.The bonus promotion is valid until further notice.

How you become a Bonus member:

Each membership status is given on a monthly basis. Just collect the required points to achieve or maintain a certain status. All of the advantages of the status achieved will remain for the following month. The bonus period begins on 20th of each month and runs until 20th of the following month. On this day you will receive your bonus credited to your account and your points counter will be reset.

For example:
You have played for money from 20th April to 5th May and have collected 5,000 points. Therefore you immediately become a Silver Member. You get your Silver Bonus credited to your SuperGaminator account on 20th May. You then remain a Silver Member for the rest of May. The points counter will be reset on 20th May and you then have until 20th June to collect 5,000 points to maintain the Silver Status. Reach 15,000 points and you will immediately be made in to a Gold Member.

Collect SuperGaminator Bonus Points:

Collecting points is easy: You receive points for every game. To achieve a monthly status you need the following points monthly:

Bronze: 0-4,999 points/month
Silver: 5,000-14,999 points/month
Gold: 15,000-54,999 points/month
Platinum: 55,000-179,999 points/month
Diamond: over 180,000 points/month

Points received per game:

You receive one point per 0.40 Euros stake.

Status overview:

Required points

Monthly Bonus

Collect points faster

+ 50%
+ 100%
+ 100%