People who gamble are usually not in danger of falling victim to compulsive gambling. However, excessive amounts of gambling may lead to an addiction to gambling in some cases. That’s why it’s vital to be able to spot the symptoms and react accordingly if there is cause for suspicion. You should always be aware that skillgames are offered online so that you can compete with a sizeable number of opponents and test the limits of your own skill.

Having fun is always the main objective for games of chance offered on the website – while keeping in mind that (as the name already implies) chance decides the outcome of the game.

If you’re no longer having fun while gambling, yet still keep on playing – that’s where the problems begin. You may develop an addiction if you play solely to win money or to win back money which you’ve lost. Compulsive gamblers often think that they’ve a special kind of luck or skill, and that their fortune will reverse itself if only they keep on playing. If you start to no longer play out of a desire to have fun and instead attempt to make up for losses by betting bigger amounts, a vicious circle is begun which will only see your losses and bets grow in equal measure.

This is how you can recognize whether you gamble compulsively

  • Are you actively seeking exclusion from your family for large amounts of time, just to gamble?
  • Are you spending more time gambling than you’ve initially set out or wanted to, and do you neglect your duties and obligations?
  • Are you often getting into fights with your partner about how much time you spend gambling or the money which you’re betting? Are you noticing that you can’t restrain or set limits for yourself?
  • Are you betting money which is needed to pay for rent, mortgage, school fees, medical fees, groceries, clothes or bills?
  • Do you feel that you’re playing in order to spend time with people who can understand you?
  • If you’re with your family, at work or at a social event, do you often think about the next game or the next bet?
  • Do you think that gambling is a viable option to earn money?
  • Are you also gambling during work hours, despite the fact that it may cost you your job?

If you’ve answered any of the above questions with „Yes“ then you should act now – BEFORE the situation develops into a major problem. There are a great number of organizations which can help you to get your problems under control.

The following organizations can help you to deal with compulsive gambling

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Tips to help your play responsibly

For most players, gambling is both exciting and fun. They decide consciously and conscientiously when and how often they play a particular game. Please see a list of tips on how to play responsibly below:

  • Set a limit for your losses and keep to it.
  • Do not take big risks while gambling; the chances of losing control are rather small if you play in such a manner. It is crucial to understand that it is just a game if you want to play with a low risk factor.
  • Never borrow money so you can bet!
  • Set a time limit.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Balance gambling with other activities.
  • Do not gamble if you’re suffering from a lot of stress, are depressed, drunk or have any other kinds of problems.
  • Only bet money which you’ve planned to use for recreational activities. Do not bet money which is required for everyday life.

Don’t forget: If you’re having any doubts, contact us!

Compulsive gambling prevention

The following measures are available so you can safeguard against an addiction to gambling:

Player account restrictions

The following restrictions are available for your perusal if you want to monitor your expenses with special scrutiny:

Monthly deposit limit

Limit the maximum amount which you can deposit onto your player account per month.

Casino limits

You can set limits for:

  • Your maximum bet amount per day, week or month;
  • Your maximum losses per day, week or month;
  • Your maximum playtime per session.

If you wish to put any of those restrictions on your player account, then please send us an email with your account name and the answer to your security question to

Temporary suspension of your player account

If you should be experiencing symptoms of compulsive gambling, we recommend that you apply for a temporary suspension until those problems are under control. In order to have your player account suspended temporarily, please send us a mail to Please include your account name and the answer to your security question. You can have your account locked for a set amount of time, or forever.
Please pay attention: Restrictions which have been placed on your player account or your balance cannot be lifted for a span of seven days after they’ve been activated. You can, however, extend the timeframe indefinitely. This is for your own protection.
You also always have the option to unsubscribe to our newsletter by making the appropriate changes within the settings of your player account and therefore no longer receive news about our new games or promotions.

Player account deletion

You can always delete your player account by sending us a request as an email alongside your account name and the answer to your security question at

Protection of minors

Participation in gambling for money is prohibited for people under the age of 18. This is the reason why we have to ask every new player for their date of birth, full name and address upon registration. This information is both reviewed and verified by the platform. Access to the website will be restricted if a player should not fulfil the minimum requirements or if there is doubt about the veracity of their data.

If a minor should manage to circumvent the security checks which are in place, then it nevertheless remains impossible for such a user to effect a payout of their winnings. Players need to provide proof of identity upon requesting a payout, which also includes a copy of a valid ID via email or regular mail which needs to be sent to our support team.

We furthermore guarantee that none of the advertisements or sponsored elements on our platform is in any way directed at minors.
If you should be aware of players on our platform who are minors, then we’d like to ask you to please take the time to inform our support team.
If you are a parent, please make sure that your account credentials remain out of reach of your children. It is for this exact reason (among others) that passwords should never be written down or be easy to guess (date of birth, licence number, telephone number, et cetera.). We also recommend that you update your password often as well as include varying amounts of capital letters, numbers and symbols.

We recommend that you install filter software for the protection of children or to restrict access by way of separate user accounts if your household features a computer which is shared by the entire family, including minors.